Mar. 7th, 2010

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[From the way the video starts, you might not realize that it was about Mag; behind a desk sits a man who looks about fifty, smiling at the woman (Marni) on his arm, who smiles and giggles airily. Facing them is a girl who looks barely nineteen, hair limp and eyes completely white from blindness; in one hand she clutches a white cane.]

"Rotti, this is Mag. Mag, I told Rotti all about your singing and he asked to hear you sing, he says if you're half as good as he hears, he'll sign you, isn't that right?"

"That would be very kind, if you did..."

[The scene shifts; Mag is lying in a hospital bed, sitting up and looking around; her new eyes swirl and shift, while Marni sits next to Mag and happily exclaims how nice they look...

...and then Mag is onstage, singing in front of hundreds of people.]

"Blind war ich,
Ohne shekraft.
Taub war ich, ohne lied,
Doch jetzt singe ich und sehe
Deutlich, deutlich!"

[And then the scene shifts and Mag stands in the same office as the beginning, except it is only her and Rotti, and the office is a wreck. Rotti uses his cane to smash open a glass vase, sending glass shards flying. When he speaks, it's clear he's in a rage."

"Did you know she was doing this??? Did you know she was planning to leave for--for--"

[calm] "She didn't tell me. I didn't even know she was seeing him. I think Marni wanted to tell you first..."

[Rotti lets out a shriek and the scene cuts to Marni in a bridal gown, dancing with another man and smiling.

And then cuts again, to a funeral. In the casket lies Marni, her belly swollen from a long pregnancy. Mag stands with Rotti, dressed in black...

..and then the scene is Mag, older and more recognizable, sitting in Rotti's office once again.]

"From what I understand, people are getting the impression you want to leave this company."

[Mag shifts uncomfortably.] "I never said anything of the sort."

"Good." [Rotti holds out his cane so that the end of it sits under Mag's chin; he raises it so that she has to meet his face.] "You do remember the terms you agreed to?"

"Yes. ...if I leave, you take my eyes."

"Yes. Those eyes are GeneCo's, now and forever. You know what that means?"

"It means they don't belong to me."

[Rotti yanks his cane away, grabbing her chin with his hand and dragging her forward off her chair.]

"It means you belong to me, now and forever, Mag."

((The events are all canon, the dialogue is completely headcanon since Repo! is all singing and I didn't think I had it in me to write fake song lyrics xD

The song that Mag sings is from the Repo soundtrack but wasn't used in the movie: Crucifixus. The lyrics translate as: "Blind was I, without sight. Deaf was I, without song, but now I sing and see clearly, clearly"))


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