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I'd stay a singer if I had the choice.

All the intellectuals I've met are far too serious about everything.
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It's like they made my world into a film. Except with very cheesy dialogue, much less color, and a lot of gunfights and explosions. ...huh.

(( >.> Let's just say some people believe that Repo Men MAYBE JUST A TINY BIT rips off Repo! The Genetic Opera))
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Lord, I'm turning 36 in two days. I would have forgot until Amber made a point of asking if 'the hag's ready to retire yet'. How the hell'd that happen? It doesn't feel that long ago that I was still in my twenties.

((So...I don't actually know her age, exactly. In the movie, it adds up to 36 (19 when she met Rotti + 17 years later is start of canon), but her MySpace lists her as 43. I really don't know.

Also, anyone she said she was 36 to earlier, just pretend she said 35 and that I didn't screw that up. x_x))


Jan. 31st, 2010 07:45 pm
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Basically for my own reference and so I remember where to find this (I'm not on my own computer right now): A feature on Blind Mag from the Repo! The Genetic Opera website (no spoilers are in it, for anyone curious).

ETA: Also, one on Rotti Largo:
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As nice as it would be, karma doesn't exist. Not even remotely.

I think my last random act of kindness was trying to stop Luigi from stabbing his coffee boy. didn't work.

((All replies video, since she's using her watch-thing.))


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